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Steph is a passionate and captivating speaker who loves presenting to groups of all sizes. Her genuine, realistic and casual approach ensures her workshops are educational while remaining fun. Steph is an experienced public speaker, haven spoken to many groups as well as live TV and radio segments.

Topics include:

  • Upgrade Your Diet: 10 Upgrades to take your heath to the next level
  • Digestive Health: How to improve your digestion with simple steps
  • Managing Stress through Nutrition and Diet
  • Weight Loss Strategies: Tips & Tricks
  • Eating Well on a Budget
  • Superfoods: What they are and why you need them
  • Quitting Sugar: How to kick sugar to the curb and why
  • Sports Nutrition: Fuelling your Workouts and Recovery Foods
  • Eating for Energy: Foods that Fuel
  • Nutrition Strategies to Boost your Immune System
  • Nutrition Tips for the Busy Professional
  • Healthy Meal Planning & Preparation
  • Supermarket Smarts:  What to Buy and What to Look For
  • And many more…
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