10 Worst Nutrition Myths of all Time

Discover the 10 Worst Nutrition Myths of All Time!

Download a copy of my free ebook and discover the truth behind the nutrition myths that need to go now.


10 Worst Nutrition Myths of All Time

There are some nutrition myths that just refuse to die. Thanks to the internet you can get information at the click of a button, however, you also consistently find contradictory information which makes it really hard to dispel myth from fact. With so many opinions and so much dogma in the nutrition industry, it is hard to know what really works, what doesn’t, and why. 

The reality is, there is no perfect diet that will work for everyone. We are all biochemically unique and have different needs, however, there are some foundational pieces of nutrition information that are vitally important that everyone should understand. Although it might seem complicated at first, once you break things down and discover where we came from and how we got here, you will realize that nutrition is much simpler than most people think.

In this free guide, I dispel the 10 worst nutrition myths of all time, and the ones that need to go now! In my opinion, these nutrition myths are doing far more damage than good to our health, and once you get the facts you can make informed decisions you feel good about.

Get the answers you deserve to these oh-so-common nutrition myths:

  • Is saturated fat bad for you? 
  • Do carbohydrates make you fat?
  • Is all salt unhealthy?
  • Do small meals boost metabolism?
  • Is fresh always better than frozen?
  • Is brown rice better than white rice?
  • Is all sugar bad for you? 
  • Is canola oil healthy?
  • Is low-fat better than high-fat?
  • Do you need to eat organic?
10 Worst Nutrition Myths of all Time
10 Worst Nutrition Myths of all Time
10 Worst Nutrition Myths of all Time

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