Cooking with Kale

Praised for being nutrient rich, kale has been touted as a “superfood” in recent years, however these leafy greens are not for everyone. Kale seems to be a “love it” or “hate it” kind of green, or maybe you just haven’t fallen in love with the right type of kale or cooking method?  Check out the different varieties of kale, how to select and store kale for maximum nutrition and the best coking methods for maximum flavour!

Stress-Busting Foods

Caffeine, and sugar, and chocolate – oh my! Learn why we crave certain foods and discover stress-busting nutrients and foods that can help you chill out. Learn a little about the food-mood connection, and the diet and lifestyle tips that can help alleviate and eliminate stress.

Detox Soups

Have you heard? Souping is the new juicing! Learn the amazing health, cleansing and detoxifying benefits of incorporating more soups into your diet. Discover why colour, flavour, broth and fat can really helps kick start the body’s natural detoxification process.

Condiment Clean-Up 

Put down the ketchup & mayo! Discover the 5 healthiest condiments you are not yet using, need to get into your fridge now, and how to easily incorporate them into your cooking! They will kick up the flavour without kicking up the calories.

Farmer’s Market Tips 

Shopping at the Farmer’s Market is the best way to get the most local, freshest and nutritious produce, but you’re first visit can be overwhelming. Here are my top tips for shopping at your local Farmer’s Market!

Spring Clean Your Diet

The same way spring is an ideal time to clean the house, and put away the winter clothing, spring is an ideal time to clean up your diet. As the seasons change our bodies start to request different types of nutrients. So when spring time hits and the weather begins to shift its an ideal time to start making healthy changes to our meal plans.

Mastering Your Morning Smoothie

Avoid making the common smoothie mistakes, and learn how to create the perfectly on the go breakfast, with a  well balanced smoothie. Learn the best combinations of carbohydrates, protein and fats to include into your smoothie, and tasty add-ins for an energy boost!

Simple Breakfast Swaps

It goes without saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  So, why do people skip breakfast? Be it not enough time, wanting to sleep longer or just not sure what to eat, there are some very simple swaps you can make to your everyday routine that can have a huge impact on your diet.

5 Ways to Get More Greens in Your Diet

There’s no disputing that leafy green vegetables are the healthiest foods on the planet; nutrient dense, full of fiber, rich in vitamins and minerals. Most people buy the same greens every week, often the bagged version, pop them in the fridge and allow them to wilt because they are so tired of eating the same salads. Luckily there are ways to use these beautiful greens right up!

Surprising Sources of Protein 

Protein is also the most satiating macronutrient – so it will keep you fullest the longest. Although animal sources of protein are the most common and are well known, there are some simple swaps that can help you incorporate more plant-based sources into your diet to help increase your protein intake that don’t involve firing up the BBQ.

Surviving Patio Season

It’s our favourite time of year again – patio season! Whether it’s rooftop patios, backyard patios, sidewalk patios or courtyard patios, when the sun is out there is nothing quote like enjoying a drink on a patio. And although it’s absolutely lovely, all of those patio sessions can spell trouble for weight control, especially after the hard work you’ve put in all winter. However there are some simple tips to navigate the restaurant menu to ensure you are making healthy food choices while indulging in your favourite summer beverages.