Nutrition Program: Red's Reset


A step-by-step 4-week nutrition program designed to teach you how to make real food work for real life in a realistic way.

It’s time to stop the nonsense, the diets, detoxes and cleanses. If you truly want to improve your diet, and do it for the long-term, you need to keep it simple, keep it real, and follow a nutrition program that works for real life.



Good. You’re in the right place.

Nutrition Program: Red's Reset



Red’s Reset is a 4-week nutrition program that teaches you how to follow a whole food diet, make healthy choices, create healthy balanced meals and learn to do it all in a sustainable way.



This program is not a detox or a cleanse, it’s a course. It educates and equips with the tools and information that you need to make the best decisions to reach your goals. The program teaches what you to look for, what to avoid, how to create balanced meals, how much to eat and when, and how to design a healthy eating meal plan that works for your life.



Whether you are looking to increase your energy, improve your digestion, lose weight, feed your family, or simply learn to eat a little healthier, this program will help you create a balanced diet, healthy habits and lifestyle changes that you can maintain for the long-term.


  • What to eat, what to avoid and why.
  • How to create a balanced meal.
  • What to eat to reach your personal goals.
  • How to create a healthy meal plan for the week.
  • How to eat well without spending hours in the kitchen.
  • How to eat intuitively.
  • How to control your cravings.
  • How to indulge in a balanced way.
  • How to maintain healthy habits for the long-term.
  • How to follow a nutrition program that you loved.


Nutrition Program: Red's Reset


The hardest part of changing your diet is making the actual changes, but it can be done.

You already know that eating vegetables is healthy and drinking water is good for you, but implementing these things for the long-term is what it tough. Creating a balanced diet is not about eating perfectly all of the time, in fact, it’s far from that. Learning to eat a balanced diet is about focusing on whole food the majority of the time, and enjoying treats too, because that’s what balance is.

That’s why Red’s Reset is a nutrition program that is designed to educate and inform you, and that’s why the program is broken down into step-by-step changes that you can implement one at a time so you never feel overwhelmed. This nutrition program is not about being perfect, it’s about making progress, and continuing to do so long after the program is complete.


1-on-1 Support

This may be an online program, but you are not in it alone! Steph is there to be your coach, mentor and guide, provide personal support, and answer all of your questions to help you reach your goals.

Nutrition Program: 1-on-1 Support
Healthy Weekly Meal Plan

Program Guidelines

You will receive comprehensive program guidelines which explain what to focus on, what to avoid, and why, as well as detailed charts, handouts and tools to help keep things simple, informative and fun.

Webinar & Tutorials

The program kicks off with a live webinar, led by Steph, and includes video tutorials to help guide you through the the program, provide in-depth explanations, answer questions, and keep you on track!

Nutrition Program: Webinar & Tutorials
Healthy Meal Plan for the Week

Recipes & Meal Plans

With over 100 quick and easy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes you are sure to be inspired in the kitchen! Sample meal plans are also provided, however, they are provided for guidance and inspiration, you do not need to follow them.

Community Support

As a member of the Red’s Reset community, you receive access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, share information and support each other during, and long after, the program.

Four Week Diet
Real Food Diet

Lifetime Access

By joining the program, you receive lifetime access to the materials, content and information so you can refer back to it whenever you need to. Plus, you get access to any updates that are made!

BONUS: 1-on-1 Call

In addition to the regular program content, you will receive one individual call with Steph to discuss your personal goals and create a plan to reach them.



Module 1


Learn what ‘real food’ truly means, how to decode food labels, dispel nutrition myths, what to focus on, and what to avoid.


Module 2


Learn how to create balanced meals with carbohydrates, protein and fats, and the best and worst source of each.

Module 3


Learn how much to eat, how many servings to eat, and how often to eat to reach your personal goals.

Module 4


Learn how to overcome common hurdles, how to create habits, and how to indulge and eat real food to create a balanced diet.

In addition to these modules, the program covers common food myths, frequently asked questions and includes video tutorials, downloads, handouts and resources.


  • Photo of Amber P.

    “Reds Reset is a game changer! I learned so much from this program, especially what I considered ‘healthy eating’ and what healthy eating ACTUALLY is. I learned the importance of making time to cook, grocery shop, meal plan and read ingredients and, most importantly, just how easy it is to do all of those things! I feel confident and happy, and have developed an entire new lifestyle and approach to food, specifically easy healthy food. I LOVE this nutrition program and recommend it to anyone who will listen. You will not regret it!”

    – Amber P.

  • Photo of Sarah H.

    “After many failed diet attempts, I’ve finally broken into a weight range that I haven’t seen in 2 years. During the program, I have actually started to enjoy cooking, especially non-traditional food options I wouldn’t touch before, and during all of this, I never felt deprived or famished. Not every day is easy, but food seems to be less of a factor in my life and the thought of eating out or buying meals and not bringing food from home is less appealing to me everyday!”

    – Sarah H.

  • Photo of Courtney B.

    “Doing the Red’s Reset program was an incredible experience! The program provided me with so much information, taught me why I should eat well and what choices to make to work toward my goals. The wealth of information in the program is helping me make healthier choices all of the time, plus, Stephanie provided so many simple and flavourful recipes that I look forward to making them every day.

    My health goal is to lose weight, and I lost 15 pounds during the program and continued to lose more after the program. After completing the program, I am on a healthier life plan and have the tools to continue moving towards my goals with knowledge and support. I cannot say enough good things about Stephanie and her program! She was there to answer questions every step of the way and give me the individual support I needed. Red’s Reset has completely changed my relationship with food.”

    – Courtney B.

  • Photo of Rasha A.

    “If you’re looking to feel better, eat healthier and empower yourself with knowledge, look no further than Red’s reset program. This program significantly improved my lifestyle and eating habits, and I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know!”

    – Rasha A.

  • Photo of Aysha M.

    “Red’s Reset was a game changer and an eye-opener! I learned how to eat healthier without compromising on taste or enjoyment of food. Red has healthy easy meals and recipes which made food preparation easy! Best of all, I have been able to sustain these changes and stay mindful of how pivotal food and nutrition are to well-being.”

    – Aysha M.

  • Photo of Amelia B.

    “Red’s Reset was the missing piece that I needed to achieve my fitness and nutrition goals. I learned soo much. Information was presented in a way that was easy to understand and incorporate into my life. For the first time, I was able to plan and prep meals that were complete and nutritious. I now sleep better and feel more energetic. This program made me feel empowered about my relationship with food in a way that I’ve never felt before. I am sooo thankful to Red for putting together this amazing nutrition program!”

    – Amelia B.

  • Photo of Chris P.

    “I can’t overstate the impact of Steph’s nutrition program on my life. Steph led me to see food (vs.”food like products”) in a different light, break bad habits and learn how to build a healthy balanced meal, the missing pieces of the puzzle for my health and fitness. Steph is super approachable, and her program sustainable long term. Almost a year later: I’m down 50lbs, sleep better, have way more energy, walked a half-marathon, trail-run and look forward to eating healthy food that tastes good every single day.”

    – Chris P.

  • Photo of Janice A.

    “Thank you for this great program! I joined the program to enjoy preparing and eating good food again, and have enjoyed making all of the delicious recipes. As I live alone, the temptation to not bother to cook has made me opt for preprepared, convenient choices, so having a healthy weekly meal plan to follow has structured what I buy and the choices I make. As a consequence of the program, I have lost 12lbs without feeling that I’m depriving myself of food. I may have officially finished the program, but it’s just the beginning of a new way of looking at food for me!”

    – Janice A.

  • null

    “This program has been so simple to follow and understand. It makes so much sense and I don’t feel like I’m deprived or restricted in any way, so thank you Stephanie for everything you’ve taught me! I’ve tried so many other nutrition programs; weight watchers, paleo, dabbled in keto, restricted calories, restricted fat, and while they worked for the period I was following the diets, nothing was sustainable. I finally feel like I’ve adopted a new lifestyle that I can maintain!”

    – Kira M.


I know what it feels like to be confused, I know what it feels like to feel frustrated, and I know what it feels like to live in fear of food because I used to be there myself.


After years of going to the gym and reading health and fitness magazines for nutrition information, I was confused. I was sick of the green drinks, egg whites, and never been able to use butter again. It just didn’t make sense to me. How can a whole food diet not be good for me? I wanted to stop feeling guilty about my food choices and wanted the facts. I wanted to understand food so that I could make informed decisions that I knew were right for me. So, that’s exactly what I did, and now it’s time to pay my lessons forward.


The Red’s Reset nutrition program was designed out of necessity. Every day I see people confused about food, confused about what to eat, stuck in the cycle of yo-yo dieting, and I want to help.


The truth is, eating well is really simple when you know what to do, what to look for, and why. That’s why the goal of the Red’s Reset program is not to tell you what to do, the goal is to teach you what to do. I want to teach people everything that they need to know about healthy eating so that once they complete this program they feel empowered and equipped to continue on their own. I want to give away all of my knowledge, tips, and secrets to the point that I teach myself out of a job, because I know that people can do it on their own. They just need some help getting started.

Nutrition Program: Red's Reset


I am vegetarian, can I do the program?

Yes! There is a complete vegetarian meal plan, as well as a wide variety of vegetarian recipes.

I am gluten-free, can I do the program?

Absolutely, all of the recipes in the program are gluten-free or can easily be adapted.

I have food allergies, will I be able to adapt the recipes?

Most recipes are created to be low-allergenic. If you are unsure, please contact Stephanie directly to discuss.

Do I need to follow the meal plan exactly?

Nope! The meal plan and recipes are provided for ideas and inspiration. As long as you follow the program guidelines you will do just fine.

I have kids, are the recipes family friendly?

Absolutely! All of the recipes are created with family in mind and previous participants have had great success feeding their families on the program.

I am going on vacation, can I still participate?

Even more reason to! The program is meant to give you tools for real life, so it’s best to do it in real life situations.

Can I drink alcohol on this program?

That is completely up to you! This program is all about food and education, whether or not you consume alcohol is your choice.

What happens if I fall off track?

This program is created to give you the tools to make the best decisions for yourself, and help create a sustainable long-term lifestyle. Nobody eats perfectly 100% of the time (not even me). If you stumble, there is no need to stress over it; enjoy it, accept it, move on and get back on track.


  • The one who is just starting their health journey.
  • The one who has been working on their nutrition for years. 
  • The one who is confused and frustrated.
  • The one who is inspired and excited.
  • The one who loves change.
  • The one who struggles with change. 
  • The one who loves to cook.
  • The one who can hardly boil water.
  • The one with a family.
  • The one who lives on their own.
  • The one who has lots of time.
  • The one who is always busy.
  • The one who wants to reach their goals.
  • The one who wants to eat better but doesn’t know where to start.
  • And the one who wants to do it in a way that works for real life.



You continue to work at this on your own and see what you can do.


You reach out, ask for help, and get the tools, information and resources you need to create real change.