A 4-week nutrition program designed to teach you how to make real food work for real life.

Red’s Reset is not a cleanse, detox or a diet. Red’s Reset is a nutrition program that is designed to make you change the way you look at food forever, help make you more connected with your food and learn to fuel your body. The program will to help you create sustainable changes that you can maintain to create a lifestyle you can feed good about, for the long term.

Whether your goal is to create a healthier lifestyle, learn to feed your family, lose weight or enhance your workout, Red’s Reset will help you learn to use real food that works for real life.

What's Included?

28-Day Nutrition Program: A comprehensive program overview with nutrition guidelines, detailed explanations and recommendations to help guide you through the program.
4-Week Meal Plan: A sample four-week meal plan to help provide inspiration and recipe ideas to support you throughout the entire program.
80 Recipes: Over 80 breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes that are quick and easy to prepare while still being both delicious and satisfying.
1-Hour Live Webinar: A 1-hour launch webinar lead by Stephanie Kay to guide you through the details of the program and answer questions
4 video tutorials! A weekly video tutorial to help explain each week's topics in greater detail and provide further explanation of what's to come.
Community Support: Access to a private Facebook group where you can share information, ask questions and support each other during the program and ongoing after.
Daily Nutrition Tips: A daily email to help layer on program information as we progress through the 4 weeks and deepen your understanding of the program guidelines.
Unlimited Email Support: Unlimited email access to Stephanie Kay during the program to help answer your questions in further detail and provide additional guidance as needed.

Next Program

Monday, January 29th – Sunday, February 25th

Program Overview

The Reset is a three-level program, whereby you choose your level of commitment for the next 28 days. What level do you choose? That is totally up to you! The general food guidelines apply to all levels of the program, but if you want to ‘ramp’ things up a little bit, there are level options for that!

Week 1: What to eat, what to avoid and why.
Week 2: How to create balanced meals.
Week 3: When and how much to eat.
Week 4: How to maintain habits for the long-term.


Red’s Reset was a game changer and an eye-opener! I learned how to eat healthier without compromising on taste or enjoyment of food. Red has accessible and tasty recipes which made food preparation easy! Best of all, I have been able to sustain these changes and stay mindful of how pivotal food and nutrition are to well-being.

Aysha M. Photo
Aysha M.

If you’re looking to feel better, eat healthier and empower yourself with knowledge, look no further than Red’s reset program. This program significantly improved my lifestyle and eating habits, and I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know!

Rasha A. Photo
Rasha A.

After many failed diet attempts, I’ve finally broken into a weight range that I haven’t seen in 2 years. During the program, I have actually started to enjoy cooking, especially non-traditional food options I wouldn’t touch before, and during all of this, I never felt deprived or famished. Not every day is easy, but food seems to be less of a factor in my life and the thought of eating out or buying meals and not bringing food from home is less appealing to me everyday!

Sara H. Photo
Sarah H.

I can’t overstate the impact of Steph’s reset program on my life. Steph led me to see food (vs.”food like products”) in a different light, breaking bad habits and building healthy meals, the missing piece of the puzzle for my health and fitness. Steph is super approachable, and her program sustainable long term. Almost a year later: I’m down 50lbs, sleep better, have way more energy, walked a half-marathon, trail-run and look forward to eating healthy food every day.

Chris P. Photo
Chris P.


Monday, January 29th – Sunday, February 25th

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Absolutely! All of the recipes are created with family in mind and previous participants have had great success feeding their families on the program.

Yes! There is so much choice, meat and plant-based, that you can adapt the program to work for you.

Absolutely, all of the recipes in the program are designed to be gluten-free or easily adaptable for everyone.

Most recipes are created to be low-allergenic. If you are unsure, please contact Stephanie directly to discuss.

Even more reason to! The program is meant to give you tools for real life, so it’s best to do it in real life situations.

Not to worry! As part of the program you receive unlimited email support from Steph so you can reach out to her directly with questions.

Nope! The Whole30 program does not allow grains /beans/lentils – this program does.

That’s up to you! There are 3 levels to the program; simply choose what works best for you.

This program is created to give you the tools to make the best decisions for yourself, and help create a sustainable long-term lifestyle. Nobody eats perfectly 100% of the time (not even me). If you stumble, there is no need to stress over it; enjoy it, accept it, move on and get back on track.

Have more questions? Please contact me directly!