Healthy Lunch Ideas

Over 50 healthy lunch ideas that work for work lunches and school lunches alike!

Struggle with healthy lunch ideas? Grab a copy of my lunch box cookbook filled with healthy, quick and easy lunch recipes that work for school lunches, work lunches or simple meal prep ideas.

The Bistro Box Cookbook

From lunch boxes to bistro boxes, this cookbook is filled healthy lunch recipes that work for the whole family. 

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Healthy Lunch Ideas: Over 50 healthy and delicious meal prep lunch ideas to fill your lunch box.

Tired of your daily salad or sandwich? Run out of easy lunch ideas for work? Not sure how to pack a healthy school lunch? I’ve got you covered!

This lunch box cookbook is filled with quick, easy and healthy lunch recipes that the whole family is sure to love. Made completely of real food, these easy lunch ideas are well-balanced and good for you. Each recipe is complete with a source of fibre, protein and healthy fat, making it a well-balanced meal to keep you fueled and full for the day ahead. Not to mention, each lunch box recipe comes with a full nutritional breakdown, so you know exactly what and how much you are eating.

These meal prep lunch ideas are fun, filling and good for you. Grab a copy of my cookbook today and you’ll have easy healthy lunch ideas for the whole year that work for the whole family.

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These easy healthy lunch ideas are complete with:

  • Lunch ideas for work,
  • Lunch ideas for kids,
  • Meal prep lunch ideas,
  • Healthy lunch box cheat sheet,
  • Healthy lunch recipes,
  • Calorie information,
  • Macronutrient breakdown,
  • And much more!
Easy Healthy Lunch Ideas

The Recipes

This cookbook is complete with over 50 healthy lunch ideas for work, school, adults and kid. Some sample recipes include:

  • Black Beans: 4 Ways
  • Chickpeas: 4 Ways
  • Protein Box: 4 Ways
  • Hummus: 4 Ways
  • Tofu: 4 Ways
  • Meal Prep Salad: 4 Ways
  • Rotisserie Chicken: 4 Ways
  • Taco Salad
  • Sushi Bowl
  • Mezze Box
  • Falafel Box
  • Ploughman’s Box
  • And much more!


Absolutely! All of the recipes in this cookbook are made with 100% real food and are well-balanced with a source of fibre, protein and healthy fat.

Although some of the recipes contain nuts, the cookbook includes a ‘lunch box cheat sheet’ to provide quick and easy substitutions.

The cookbook is filled with a balance of conventional recipes and vegetarian recipes. For non-vegetarian recipes, vegetarian substitutions are provided.

A small number of recipes contain gluten, however, a gluten-free substitution can easily be made.

Each recipe is made of 100% real food and includes calorie information and a macronutrient breakdown, so you can pick the meals that work for your personal goals and make alterations as needed.

No, all of the recipes are unique to the cookbook.

This eCookbook is a digital file that can be viewed on any digital device; computers, tablets, and smartphones, no special e-readers required.

Most certainly! This eCookbook has been formatted to print on standard computer paper and can be downloaded and printed as needed.

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